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Joomla articles are your main page areas. On some websites, Joomla modules will extend the functionality of basic Joomla articles. Generally, a Joomla article is one page.


Bandwidth is the amount of information your connection to the Internet can carry, usually measured in bits per second.

Blue Cloud Live

Blue Cloud Live is our proprietary service for a quick, affordable website that includes a professional design, domain name, hosting, email, and access to a very easy to use drag and drop content management system.


A browser is the software you use to view web pages - in fact you're using one right now! Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Edge are some of the more common browsers, but there are others like Safari and Opera. Since each one is different, pages can vary in appearance depending on what browser is used.


Content Management System: CMS's let anyone make changes to there website without specialized knowledge. They are typically installed to a hosting server so you can access them with a web browser from any computer or device.


Compression makes files smaller for faster upload/download times, and less disk space usage. JPEGs use compression, making them ideal for the internet.


Cascading Style Sheet: A basic web language that "styles" basic HTML to make it look better.


Short for "Domain Name System." The DNS translates URL text addresses that we use (like into a numeric Internet address.

Domain Name

A domain is your address on the web. It typically points to your hosting account so people can find your website or send you email. For Example:

Email Client

Your mail client is the software on your computer or mobile device used to access your email. They require setup to work with various hosting accounts. Outlook is an example of a common email client, however we recommend Mozilla Thunderbird (it's what we use) as a great alternative. 


A Favicon is the little image that appears in the browser window next to your URL, or in next to the page title if you're using tabs.


The server space you rent so your website is available to the public. Also includes services like email.


The most basic web language used to display content like text, images, and links on the web.


"IMAP" stands for "Internet Message Access Protocol." It is better than POP for accessing mail from multiple locations because it leaves the mail messages on the ISP's mail server. This lets you read the same messages regardless of what computer you use to read your e-mail. Messages you send are also stored on the mail server (if you keep copies, which is a good idea), so if you send a message from work, you will see that message when you access your mail from home or from a laptop while on the road. 


Joomla is a fantastic CMS that can be used for a wide variety of applications. We think it's a great balance between function and ease of use. 


Joomla modules are different than Joomla articles. Modules are the “boxes” arranged around the design on a typical page. Most pages elements found in sidebars and footer areas are considered modules (ie. the sections in the footer are modules). Modules may display on multiple pages in many cases. 


"POP" stands for "Post Office Protocol". A POP account downloads mail to your local computer or device by default. Often, when a message is downloaded, it is deleted from the ISP's mail server. This prevents you from reading the same messages when you go to a different computer. The advantage of POP mail is that you have your messages with you and can peruse them even while you are not connected to the Internet, which is particularly desirable if you use telephone dial-up access to the Internet. IMAP is recommended instead.


Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the practice of doing things to get a website to rank better on Google or other search engines. Many people try to use sneaky tricks to game the system, however there is a correct way to do SEO. 


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used to send a new email. It is also used to refer to your Outgoing Mail Server.


Thunderbird is a free email client application that’s easy to set up and customize - and it’s loaded with great features! It is a great free alternative to Microsoft Outlook. You can download free at


Webmail is an alternative to using an email client like Outlook. Webmail is used through a web browser so you do not need to install software our set anything up. Go to the knowledge base for more information on how to access webmail.