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Readers Are Leaders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Herndon, Virginia. They help change the lives of struggling readers by pairing them with student athletes who serve as mentors and role models.

We worked with them to design and create a fresh, modern look for their organization. Their new website now offers online donation tools and registration for their annual Golf Tournament. The new website is easy to update so they can handle changes on their own with confidence.

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"After researching many web developers, I discovered Blue Cloud Studio. I was drawn to them because they designed sites for nonprofits as well as for business and government. I looked carefully through their portfolio and liked the fact that that they were able to capture the personality of each client through their design, shaping of content, use of images, site organization, etc. In their portfolio, I found sites that looked professional and were engaging - sites that presented a clear message and focus and were easy to maneuver and explore.

During our initial phone meetings, Becky and Chris took the time to understand the work of our organization as well as the audience and goals for our new website. During discussions, they were responsive and resourceful, asking questions and offering suggestion about our needs and the personality, functionality, features, and organization of the site. They also discussed the pros and cons of website building platforms that would be the best match for what we were trying to achieve. We agreed upon a proposal and began our web building partnership.

Blue Cloud always explained clearly and thoroughly: what each step in the process entailed and what the expectations were for both us and them, what the cost options were, when key meetings would be, etc. The master plan included four stages with an approximate time frame to complete each stage: a planning stage, design stage, launch stage, and training stage.

We developed a very positive rapport with Blue Cloud - they were enthusiastic and supportive every step of the way. They were flexible and accommodating, offering their expertise and responding quickly to our questions and concerns. They gave us advice and suggestions about the technical, marketing, and business aspects that we needed to consider They also included aspects that we hadn’t considered – aspects that added quality to the site. They are pros who know their business and take their time to know their clients and create a site that both we and they are proud of.

When we first contacted Blue Cloud Studio, we had a sense what we wanted but were not sure how to get there. We are a down-to-earth, roll-up-your-sleeves organization. We didn’t want our site to seem too slick, busy, or commercial – we didn’t want hype or flash. We were aiming for clear and engaging, professional with a power that is simple and direct. We wanted the organization of content to be easy to navigate, and we wanted the site to be more focused, cohesive, and effective in reflecting who we are and what we do. We wanted efficiency and reliability in operating our financial business. And we wanted our images to help us communicate the spirit and activity of the program.

Blue Cloud gave us all of that and more. We at Readers Are Leaders could not be more pleased with their efforts and results."

Tom Archibald

Tom Archibald - Board Member