CKC Fitness System

CKC Fitness System Website Design


David Luedeka came to us in need of a website and an online marketing strategy. He is the founder of CKC Fitness System and the inventor of the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer is the first functionally based all-in-one exercise trainer to incorporate the many scientific principles of progressive resisted exercise into functional closed chain training.

We helped CKC Fitness System get a professional brand identity in place. We designed and built a responsive Joomla website to market the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer online. We built a full-feature eCommerce Store to allow CKC Fitness System to sell their products online. The website uses video extensively to educate users about how to properly use the equipment.

CKC Fitness System can manage both the website and the store on their own with the built-in Content Management System. The website is responsive so it formats automatically to fit the size of the device being used.