Oil, Gas, & Mining

Oil, Gas, & Mining Website Design


Oil, Gas, and Mining is an industry online journal that will explore all topics relevant to best industry practice, a primary goal will be to provide articles that help companies eliminate or severely limit the prospects for environmental damage.

We designed and developed the new website using the Joomla Content Management System. The OG&M website features a powerful membership subscription system that allows online signup and payment. The subscription system automatically manages and processes membership renewals based on their expiration date. The entire website is customized to automatically tailor the user's experience based on their membership level.


"My company publishes academic and professionally oriented books and journals. When I planned a new publication, Oil, Gas, and Mining, I wanted a first-rate team to make our publication visually appealing, interactive, searchable, and with e-commerce solutions. Blue Cloud Studio exceeded my expectations in every regard. In addition to providing me with a competitive Web site, they created many elements that I had not expected, such as a Facebook page and tutoring us on Google Analytics to gauge Web traffic. It is a bonus that Becky and Chris are a pleasure to work with. If you are considering a web development studio, then I wouldn't look any further than Blue Cloud Studio.”

Stephen Mosberg

Stephen Mosberg - Owner