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Fieldgate Consulting is dedicated to helping their customers find the perfect career. At Fieldgate Consulting, they specialize in career coaching that will help you feel energized, valued and competent. Let Fieldgate help you become a skillful manager of your own life.

Fieldgate Consulting also helps you with the practical elements of any job search or career life plan. They can help you create the perfect cover letter, resume, or tailor an elevator pitch that will help you stand out from the competition.

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"The team at Blue Cloud is top notch. Their customer service is excellent, always responsive and helpful. Blue Cloud Studio did a very nice job of 1) laying out your offerings;
2) working to deliver your services considering that you had to wait for me to complete my end;
3) making yourselves available for questions and information;
4) providing your opinions and expertise
5) treating your customer (me) with respect at every interaction."

Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett - Owner