How Do We Organize a Web Design Project?

  • Thursday, 12 April 2012 18:24

Every web design studio has certain things that makes their process unique. What makes Blue Cloud Studio unique and why would you want to choose us?

We have designed our entire process with one thing in mind - making the process easy on you! We have simplified every aspect of our web design approach to eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings. We understand that you have a business to run and that you can't afford to make developing a website your new full-time job.

Our unique step-by-step approach takes the mystery out of web design. If you need a professional, effective website but don't have months to devote to the process, we are the studio for you!

Your Free Initial Consultation

Free Initial Consultation

It starts with a simple conversation. If you are located near Charlottesville, we prefer to meet you in person. If you are located outside of our traveling area, we can easily hold the consultation over the phone.

We want to learn about you and your company. We'll discuss your needs, your wants and your overall marketing plan. Every website needs a purpose, we will help determine what that goal should be. This simple discussion helps us to understand exactly what you are looking for and how to best accomplish it.

By providing examples of websites that you like, we can easily isolate the look and feel you desire. Many clients have a mental image of what they want their website to look like. Show us websites that you like, it helps us get that same image in our minds. We build websites that will appeal to your target audience. It is important that you like the way your website looks, however it is even more important that your customers find it appealing and easy to use.

Your Detailed Website Proposal

Website Proposal

After we gather all the information about your project, we can prepare a detailed Website Proposal. The Website Proposal serves as the detailed outline for the project and a firm price estimate. 99% of our clients never pay a dime over their estimated price quote. If the price is exceeded, it is always because the client decided to expand the website beyond the original plan. The price never changes without the client's expressed permission.

When the proposal is accepted, we require a deposit of half the estimated price. Once the deposit is received, we begin the project.

Things We Need From You

  • Logo
  • Photographs - If you don't have your own photos, we can purchase stock photographs to compliment your website design.
  • Website Content or Page Text - If you don't have website content, we highly recommend hiring one of our professional copywriters to help write your website content.
  • Domain Name ( - If you don't have an existing domain name, we will help you register one in your name. If you already have a domain name, we will need your username and password.
  • Website & Email Hosting - If you already have hosting, we will need your username and password for server access. If you don't have hosting, we will recommend a reliable hosting company and help you sign up.