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Meet the Brow House! The Brow House is a new waxing studio in Charlottesville run by Brooke Fossett. Take a look at Brooke's about page to get an idea of her vast experience. She obviously knows her stuff.

One really cool feature of her website is the "Make an Appointment" page that handles online booking. This is handled by a very affordable third party service and works perfectly. It's super easy for both her and her customers to use.

Sure we can custom build most anything. But often an existing service is a great solution. We don't hesitate to recommend whatever options we think will help you. If your organization has a need to fill, why not talk with us?

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"Blue Cloud has been just what I was looking for! Great people, knowledgeable, and professional! I have already recommended them!"

Brooke Fossett

Brooke Fossett - Owner